#14 The Crossing

The Crossing is an extraordinary new event for those who are committed to personal transformation and care about the world. Large scale, magical surroundings, this is a whole experience, designed to help us all make the vital transition from Homo sapiens to Homo Amor. Laura van Lee is our trusted and familiar interviewer to help me flesh it all out… www.thecrossing.be – 25-28 April 2024

#6 Light and Dark

In this podcast I am in conversation with Dirk Oelibrand, who has been a leading figure in the Benelux spiritual […]

#4 Spiritual Technology Part 2 – Growing up

Western enlightenment: development of the individual is also part of the spiritual path – embodiment, learning to love, liberating ourselves, laughing and crying with a crazy world. Subscribe […]

#2 Spiritual Principles

Laura van Lee will help me unpack the six spiritual principles that are key to the way I look at […]